Complete functions instead of many individual parts Everything for control and installation technology

Standardised interfaces create a perfect continuous connection, from the switchgear cabinet to the motor. LQ Mechatronik-Systeme's EnergyLink module saves time and money when it comes to control and installation technology. The future of mechanical and plant engineering belongs to modular systems solutions, not individual components. This is LQ's philosophy in its goal to reduce the many cables, connectors and small components used for control and installation technology and to streamline processes. If all the items that belong together are consolidated in a bundle, this saves valuable time during construction.

The Plug&Play installation of LQ products saves a huge amount of wiring and installation time. If you are prepared to standardise your switchgear cabinet and the connection to the motor, LQ sees to it that minor cable assembly is superfluous thanks to the EnergyLink modular system and the machine installation is also much faster. This is a major improvement, especially for asynchronous motors and units in the 400 volt power range.

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X-TEC 15 Circular plug-in connectors

X-TEC Circular plug-in connectors

General-purpose X-TEC circular plugs, which are available in the sizes M15, M23 and M32, make installation work in plant and machinery much easier. The X-TEC series of plug-in connectors provides an optimum connection between the control and all the usual servo, asynchronous and 3-phase motors up to 30 amperes.

Circular plug-in connectors

W-TEC Power cables

It is essential to have high-quality cables if they are going to have a long service life in machines and plant or if they are going to be used in dynamic energy chains. W-TEC energy cables are designed to be a perfect match for components in the modular EnergyLINK system and the connections fit throughout.

Power cables
Universelle Verbindungsmöglichkeiten mit W-TEC Leistungskabeln
A-TEC Control modules

A-TEC Control modules

Our new A-TEC modules are compact units to perform control operations, either in the switchgear cabinet or directly on the consumer. An end-to-end installation concept using preassembled functional units saves considerable time and money, at the same time reducing the number of parts.

Function modules

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