Control cabinets from LQ We make it simple.

As a service provider, we develop, design and assemble control cabinets, entirely according to your wishes and specifications. We manufacture and deliver standard control cabinets as well as individual solutions. At LQ, we have specialized in developing modular control cabinets. We combine individual components into complete functional modules and pre-assemble them on a carrier plate. Thanks to our modular solutions, installation becomes easier, process reliability increases and assembly time is reduced to a minimum. A single handle is all that is needed to place the module in the control cabinet. All modules from LQ undergo comprehensive testing before installation and are delivered to our customers complete with circuit diagram, layout, parts list and 3D model.

The modular concept Hook up, connect - done

Innovative ideas reduce expensive production times, component management and machine downtimes: e.g. in the event of faults in the electronic circuit, there is no need for a lengthy search for the faulty component in the control cabinet; instead, the complete function module is replaced quickly and easily. We have succeeded in revolutionizing the principle of order in the control cabinet. Instead of many individual parts, complicated wiring and different contacts, functions are combined in modules. The basis is our modular control cabinet technology, where each module in the control cabinet contains a defined input, output and software interface. In addition to reducing the variety of parts and assembly lead times, this also results in significantly lower procurement costs and greatly reduced storage costs.

Less time and costs Savings in control cabinet construction

30Reduction of the total assembly time
70Reduction in control cabinet construction
85Reduction of retrofit time in service
90Reduction of components in the control cabinet
Higher efficiency in maintenance and retrofits

With modular control cabinets from LQ, an electrician is no longer necessary for fault diagnosis. Even module replacement is greatly simplified by the separable connections. Spare parts can be easily installed and modules subsequently repaired, helping to significantly reduce machine downtime. The control cabinets can be constructed in such a way that future retrofitting with functions is easily possible.

Reference projects Modular control cabinet construction from LQ

WAFIOS FUL 36 Massive cost reduction in the modular control cabinet

In the control cabinet for operating an uncoiler on a reeling machine, Wafios AG uses handy functions instead of many individual parts. Replacing individual, fewer assemblies significantly lowers inventory costs and reduces the effort required for servicing.

TRUMPF TruMatic 7000 Modular assemblies take over the decentralized control in the control cabinet

At Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG, a single handle is all it takes to place a functional module in the control cabinet. Compact units take over diverse functions and thus save costs and maintenance times. Due to this, 30% reduction in total assembly time is achieved, 70% reduction in lead time in control cabinet construction, 85% reduction in retrofitting time in service and 90% reduction in components in control cabinet

TRUMPF TruLaser Robot 5020 Fast assembly of modular control cabinets in high quality for Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG

Prefabricated, tested assemblies in our modular control cabinets guarantee shorter throughput times with consistently high quality. Fewer skilled personnel are needed later at the customer's site to exchange modules and replace them with new ones in the event of service.

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