Automation solutions from the LQ group Cable assembly, cable groups, cable chain systems and switchgear cabinets

High-quality cable assemblies are among the most important components in the field of mechanical and plant engineering for reliable and fault-free control of electrical systems. The LQ Group designs and manufactures complete electromechanical systems used for installation technology in mechanical and plant process engineering. We group together individual components for both control and machine installation to form compact functional units. Modular switchgear cabinets form the basis of automation on the control side. When we install plant and machinery the focus too is always on function and we supply top quality systems that are ready for installation.

Where are automation solutions sensible?

Automation solutions can be integrated to fulfil very different requirements and applications. When it was first introduced, automation was still very expensive and not particularly efficient but it was primarily used in industries where high volumes were produced. In the intervening years, automation has influenced many other areas. Technical processes and robots have been developed further so that small production runs can now also be automated but, here too, economic efficiency must always be assessed. Above all, it costs a great deal of money to automate complex processes.  This is why the main reason to invest in high-cost robots and software is when there are steps in the production process that are often repeated. Many companies opt for the more cost-effective and affordable alternative and partially automate processes in combination with human manpower. LQ’s approach is to replace individual parts with complete functional solutions along the lines of the plug & play principle.

The intelligent automation of the future

Artificial intelligence, robotics and IoT (Internet of Things) have accelerated automation further. From a company's point of view, the reasons for driving automation forward are primarily to increase productivity whilst at the same time reducing overall labour costs and maintaining constant and higher quality. It also allows processes to be organised more efficiently during production, thus saving additional costs.

Cable assembly and cable groups

LQ ensures process-reliable provision of cable assembly and cable groups. We can supply cables with suitable round or square connectors of varying sizes, ranging from connector systems with M8 and M12 cables for 24 V applications, signal and power cables to servo and data cables. Apart from assembling individual cables, we produce customised cable groups. All assemblies are 100% checked to ensure that they function properly and are delivered on special transport racks with clear source and destination markings. Innovative programs and our extensive inspection procedures ensure that in-house order processing is of high quality.

Cable chain systems

LQ is an experienced systems partner when it comes to cable carrier design and installation and the company offers solutions for any application. Services range from simple pluggable chains to complex multi-axis systems and cable chain systems that cover distances of up to 40 metres. From verifying technical feasibility to project planning and production right through to delivery directly to our customers’ production lines, we offer a full service that is entirely tailored to how your machines are being operated. We offer punctual on-site delivery, just in sequence, ready-to-install systems, a 24-hour on-call service and fast deliveries of spare parts if machines are down.

Modular switchgear cabinet construction

Depending on what the customer requires, as service providers we design both conventional and modular switchgear cabinets. This modular concept has allowed LQ to revolutionise the way switchgear cabinets are structured. We group individual components to create functional assemblies and thus replace individual wiring systems, which are more complex. Perfection is achieved with switchgear cabinets that are less complex to build, thus reducing both the number of different parts required and assembly throughput times considerably.

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