X-TEC 15: Compact and powerful connector

LQ is offering the most efficient connector-and-cable system of its size

The X-TEC 15 manufactured by LQ Mechatronik Systeme GmbH is, together with the W-TEC 15 power cable, the most efficient connector-and-cable system of its size. Whether the motors are being used in different units, conveyor systems, in pumps or in fans, it is worth using LQ’s technology for any application where 3-phase and asynchronous motors are deployed in machines and plants. The connector-and-cable system can be used, regardless of the make and manufacturer: it offers an excellent performance yet it is compact in size. It therefore offers an end-to-end solution, from the control to the motor.

Using the X-TEC 15 circular plug-in connector, motors can be retrofitted quickly and easily to produce a plug-in solution. Each motor terminal board box contains an M20 connection. The plug-in connector is easy to fit using the M20 x 1.5 thread. There is no need for additional adapters and special mechanical solutions. This means that the plug-in connector quite simply adopts the geometry of the motor connection box and no further mechanical work is required. The advantages of using the X-TEC 15 are obvious: wherever this plug-in solution is used in motors, the performance remains the same yet a great deal of space is saved. In addition to this, connector-and-cable systems using X-TEC 15 and W-TEC 15 units can be used, regardless of the make and manufacturer.

Compact solution, simple handling, low price

Depending on where motors are used, space can be a problem. The compact size of LQ’s solution means that use under cramped conditions is not a problem. An end-to-end solution is also possible with the appropriate W-TEC 15 cable. Both parts together form the most efficient connector-and-cable system of its size, with 6 x 2.5 mm² continuous operation at 16 A on the power contacts and 10 A on the auxiliary contacts. Unbeatable value for money, with the X-TEC 15 and W-TEC 15 LQ Mechatronik Systeme GmbH has created an excellent connector-and-cable solution for varied applications such as motors in various units, conveyor systems, pumps and fans. With LQ’s solution complicated superstructures which take up space are no longer required.