Day of the bicycle

June 3rd has been International Bicycle Day in some European countries since 1998. The day was introduced to raise awareness of the increasing environmental impact of automobile traffic and to draw attention to the importance of bicycles. At LQ, we are aware of this importance and have been offering our employees the option of a company bicycle.

An average passenger car generates around 1.6 tons of CO2 per year when driven 10,000 kilometers. In Germany, the average commute to work is about 17 kilometers per person. This corresponds to a CO2 impact of around 1.4 tons per year. It quickly becomes apparent that bicycles are the most environmentally friendly, healthy and socially acceptable means of transportation.

At LQ, we offer our employees the option of a so-called company bicycle. The concept has become increasingly popular in recent years and brings benefits not only for the employee but also for the employer. The bikes can be used for work, but are also ideal for everyday use and encourage exercise in leisure time. Studies on the subject of mobility and the health of working people also show that employees who regularly cycle to work are on average two days less sick per year. Life expectancy increases and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases or diabetes is significantly reduced. Regular cycling also prevents around 65,000 premature deaths per year and also saves several tons of CO2.

We are pleased to be able to contribute to the health of our employees and reduce CO2 emissions with this offer. After all, cycling means taking responsibility - for yourself and for our environment.