UL certification
Be sure of compliance in the USA with UL certification

Strict safety legislation in North America requires special testing

LQ Mechatronik-Systeme has obtained appropriate certification for the X-TEC / W-TEC 15 connector/cable combination so that the company can also meet the stricter safety regulations on the continent of North America.

LQ's product has been tested extensively at the I2PS test institute in Bonn, an independent laboratory certified by the independent US organisation Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The organisation has the task of testing electronic products and components to defined safety standards so that they can satisfy the considerably more stringent product liability legislation in the USA.

The X-TEC / W-TEC 15 have satisfied these requirements since the start of March 2019 so LQ's customers in the mechanical and plant engineering sector can also install the connector-cable system in combination with a circuit breaker in important international markets but particularly in the USA. The combination is designed for the maximum possible short circuit current rating (SCCR) in this context of 50kA at 480 volts. "This has allowed us to establish a very broad base for future trading relationships," explains Hermann Engber, Head of Development at LQ Mechatronik-Systeme GmbH.