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Ready-to-assemble and function-tested cable drag chains

Cable drag chains are used in all situations where moving machine components need to be supplied with power or data. Because the integrated cables are permanently exposed to movement and have to withstand considerable loads, they need to be well protected, flexible and, above all, robust. Cable assembly and the manufacture of complete, ready-to-install cable drag chains are core competencies of LQ Mechatronik-Systeme GmbH from Besigheim. Customers can depend on end-to-end support from the mechatronic experts – from engineering to logistics.

In order to offer a cohesive overall system that will work reliably over a long cycle, it is important to have precise knowledge of the characteristics of the individual components and also to position the cables and hoses in the best possible position in the plastic housings. This involves making provision for the bending of the individual cables, as well as the dynamic way in which the cable drag system moves.  

Perfection right down to the smallest detail    
The LQ Group makes a careful analysis of their customers’ machines before such a system is installed. This involves a precise definition of assemblies, interfaces and cable routing. It is then possible to install pre-assembled cables, sheet metal and mounted units, hydraulic components, pneumatic and media hoses, as well as the strain relief systems to form complete cable drag systems designed to suite the customer’s own specific requirements. This procedure benefits customers, as they receive complete, pre-assembled and 100 % tested systems that just have to be installed on their machines. It is no longer necessary to have exact knowledge of each individual cable supplying the equipment. Customers also save on warehousing costs, because they do not have to hold stocks of either cables or carriers.

One aspect is common to all systems in the LQ Group: they are perfectly matched to the application and movement of the machine and are checked 100 % to ensure that they function properly. Here, too, customers reap the benefit of the Besigheim company’s many years of experience and know-how.

Customer-orientated service, including for logistics
The LQ Group guarantees fast, high-quality manufacture of individual units and series-produced parts, thanks to flexible manufacturing processes. The cable drag chains, which are ready to install, are supplied on transport racks that are appropriate for the specific machine, thus simplifying integration into the existing machine layout. This reduces the time required for installation from several days to just a few hours. Once the cable drag system has been installed, machine downtime is also reduced thanks to the 100 % function-tested systems. The concentration of expertise at LQ provides more efficient logistics, which deliver definite cost savings.