Performance in freezing conditions


Intralogistics often require connectors and power cables to operate in very difficult environments. High temperature fluctuations, aggressive cleaning agents and all sorts of fluids are part and parcel of day-to-day operations. In spite of this, the connection…

Ready-to-install cable carrier systems


Energy cable carriers are always used where moving machine components need to be supplied with power and data. The carrier systems consist of individual links made of plastic and stainless steel to produce a safe guide for the necessary cables and hoses. It would not be…

Switchgear cabinets from LQ

System solutions

Switchgear cabinets have an essential role in industry. They house the controls for machines and systems and protect the electrical and electronic components from the dirt, dust, water and mechanical effects that are sometimes present in industrial environments. As a…

Servo cables from LQ


For the transmission of power and data for the drive and control of servo motors, the connector on the motor side with the size M23 has established itself on the market. In combination with high-quality raw cables, servo cables from LQ are characterized by a high level…

Digital production process control at LQ


Since its development in 1947 by the Japanese Toyota engineer Taiichi Ohno, the Kanban method has become a proven method in the control and optimization of production systems. Thanks to this system, overproduction can be avoided and products can be produced according to…

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