The role of systems suppliers

More important than ever in times of scarce resources and delivery bottlenecks

Now many companies rely on solutions delivered by systems suppliers such as the one the LQ Group offers for installation technology. The outsourcing of areas that do not affect technology does not only save time, money and resources: it has also been shown to create much greater flexibility. Systems suppliers become even more significant as reliable partners in times of global supply bottlenecks, scarce resources and conflicts.

All companies aim to achieve profitable growth, maximise profits and be sustainable. This is against a background of permanent cost pressures, a shortage of skilled labour and high complexity resulting from a large number of different parts and parts that are incompatible. The corona pandemic, the current situation as regards scarce resources and the associated supply chain problems combined with political conflicts in the world have not exactly improved the situation. All these pose major challenges for managers in the machine and plant engineering sector.

Core competencies are decisive

Many companies look to their core competencies to manage these challenges. They can benefit from a systems supplier by outsourcing individual areas that do not affect their technology. This means necessary requirements can be met at production level without having to use capacity in their own departments and divisions for this. The resources and capacity that have been freed up can then be deployed in other parts of the company. This saves time and money and does not detract from the company’s own development and design capabilities.

One step ahead in the crisis

In a situation like this, a systems supplier such as LQ is a useful option for relieving the pressure caused by the crisis. Outsourcing complex cabling concepts to a specialist such as LQ brings considerable advantages in difficult times. As a systems supplier, we look after change management, procurement and assembly right up to delivery directly alongside the machine. This provides scope for a much more flexible response to sudden changes and companies benefit from more reliable deliveries.