Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 has changed the entire working landscape and will continue to shape it in the long term. Machines and systems communicate directly with each other - without human intervention. Different processing stations within a production line exchange data signals.…

From prototype to complete system


Energy supply systems are used wherever moving machine parts need to be supplied with energy and data. Nevertheless, almost every installation problem in machine and plant engineering requires a customized solution approach. From analysis and engineering to consulting…

M15 Power: The Original


Cables and connectors are generally taken for granted, and they are often not given much attention in the overall system. However, a secure connection is essential. If it is also more powerful, space-saving and cost-effective than its alternatives, you have the perfect…

Lack of raw materials dominates the economy


The global economy is currently facing a massive resource problem: many raw materials are becoming scarce. This is currently a concern not only for the mechanical engineering sector, but for the entire economy. The Corona pandemic has led to an unprecedented economic…

The right mixture makes the difference


Modularization brings many advantages for machine and plant engineering. For example, modular control cabinets can minimize the variety of parts, costs, installation and machine downtimes, and increase efficiency. But not only in the control cabinet but also at the…

System solutions from LQ


Wherever moving machine parts have to be supplied with energy or data, energy chain systems are used.

From engineering to consulting regarding connectors, cables, sheets and hoses to the assignment of the energy chain - LQ Group is your perfect partner.


Simple, fast and safe


Thanks to LQ's patented quick-locking system, all connectors can be connected very easily using the plug & play principle. A quarter turn is all it takes and the M15 Power is connected in a shock- and vibration-proof manner.

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