Intelligent toolbox. Modular integrated systems not only save time and money during assembly, but also enhance the functional reliability of machines and plants. After all, as far as conventional switchgear cabinet design is concerned, everything has to be installed piece by piece and connected in complex circuits has been consolidated into logical function units, and has been 100% function-checked.

The A-TEC Motor Starters are part of our EnergyLink modular assembly kit


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A-TEC Double-Motor starter up to 2 x 3 kW

Functional description

_3~ /500 V energy outlet, with ASi-control, power monitoring and output for 2 consumers.
_power monitoring and overload protection including feedback
_In/ Out only_Analysis fot the motor temperature sensor_ASi-slave integrated in the module base (safe or non safe)
_diagnosis and programming are accessible in mounted condition
_Operating asynchronous motors, heatings or aggregates

Technical parameters
Power amplifier 2 x Electronic reverse power relay
Current 0,18 – 2,4 A, 2 x 1,5 – 9,0 A
Inlet interface LQ module bus plug 10-pole
Motor outlet 2 x X-TEC 15
Protection class IP 20
Model safe or non safe
Dimensions (W x H x D) 150 x 150 mm
Function In/out
Technical documents
For further information please download our product sheet in Adobe PDF-format